Services Provided

Types of Clients

Mountebank offers investment management and consulting services to individuals, corporations, trusts, charitable organizations, estates, pension and profit sharing plans.

The Relationship of the Parties

Mountebank will provide portfolio management of the account, maintained in the client’s name by the custodial broker (referred to interchangeably as custodial broker and broker). Custody of client funds will be maintained by Pershing, a subsidiary of Bank of New York, and all dividends, stock splits and other transactions made by Mountebank shall remain within the account. Mountebank will not have custody of, nor access to, any client funds at any time, and will have only discretionary trading authority over the account. Discretionary trading authority is provided by a limited power of attorney.

There are no lock-up periods or capital calls for additional investment funds. Clients may exit the program at any time by written correspondence to either Mountebank or the custodian.

A minimum investment of $100,000.00 is recommended but may be reduced if agreed.