The Investment Process

Step One: Identifying Goals and Objectives

The first step in the program involves obtaining an understanding of your financial needs, objectives and time horizon. Through the utilization of our Client Objective and Profile Questionnaire, and personal consultation, your liquidity needs, risk tolerance, investment preferences, and other factors will be used to develop an investment policy that is consistent with your goals.

Step Two: Development of Investment Plan

The information gathered in Step One will be used to develop the plan by which your assets will be allocated among the various investment categories. This part of the process determines how much of the funds are allocated to equity, debt and other fixed income obligations.

Step Three: Implementation of Investment Plan

Once the overall investment plan is determined, specific investments are made in various instruments according to the plan. This is an ongoing process whereby funds are invested in specific securities in accordance with an overall strategy to attain your investment goals.

Step Four: Monitoring the Progress

Step Four like Step Three, is an ongoing process whereby the performance of your investments and more importantly the performance of entities for which the securities represent an investment interest are monitored to make sure that the investments are in place to accomplish your goals. This process would include a periodic review of the investment strategy in light of changes in the economy and/or your personal situation as to liquidity, risk tolerance, and financial needs.