Helpful Links

Listed below are some links to web pages that investors may find helpful:

BONDS: - Supported by The Bond Market Association, this site provides educational information as well as research on specific bond issues. - This site should be used to obtain information on United States Savings Bonds.

CLOSED END FUNDS: - This industry sponsored site has a great deal of research and historical information on various closed end investment companies and Exchange Traded Funds.

COLLEGE SAVINGS AND SEARCHES: This is a good source for information on the Coverdell Educational Accounts and the state sponsored 529 college savings plans.

COMMODITIES: - This site can be used to track the price of commodities such as Oil and Natural Gas.

INTEREST RATES: - This site carries a wealth of information on borrowing and investment rates. Both borrowers and lenders will find this site helpful.

INVESTMENT INFORMATION: - This is oftentimes a good site to obtain rudimentary information of securities. - This is the home site for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Use the Edgar sites within to obtain official filings of any publicly traded entity.

MUTUAL FUNDS: - This site can be used to research open-end mutual funds and to find mutual funds that are designed to accomplish various goals.

PREFERRED STOCKS: - This is a valuable place to do research on specific issues of Straight and Convertible Preferred Stocks

RATIOS: - This site is provided by Reuters and contains a good deal of information in addition to Ratios.

SIC CODES: - This site allows one to find the Standard Industry Codes used by the Internal Revenue Service and other governmental and business organizations.

STOCK OPTIONS: - Sponsored by the Options Clearing Corporation, this site is designed to give information to traders and potential traders of options in an effort to generate more trading activity. - This site is sponsored by thinkorswim an options trading firm. It is primarily designed to snag new customers, but is a good place for education or an update on options and related ideas. A half hour or so in this site will be time well spent. Check out the education section. Under the MarketInfo section, there is a calendar of current investment related events, and a rather extensive options expiration calendar.